August 20, 2011
Random STL Photos

Here are some random photos of people I met, food I ate, places I went in St. Louis: 

Dave took me to a Chinese restaurant, and I had this St. Louis’ “St. Paul Sandwich”:

Which is an egg omelette in 2 pieces of wonderbreads, found ONLY in Chinese restaurants in St. Louis!



Behind the running man is the Old Courthouse, which is also a history museum:


Bird control spike (Pigeons-fuck-off); one of the best inventions in the world:

(the building here is the Hilton hotel)

I love finding supermarket in downtowns because that means I could get cheap lunch:

City Garden:

These two were making out in the park and I thought it’s cute so I took a picture of them :)

Downtown St. Louis is pretty small and comfortably walkable, I finished it in one day. I planned two days in St.Louis, so I thought for the 2nd day I’d just go to YMCA and work out coz I had been eating so much. I didn’t work out though coz I found internet there, and when there’s internet, there’s no other life for me I end up doing nothing else. Ah!

One of the staffs at YMCA said there’s not much going on in downtown, he usually go to “the loop” for fun. Thinking I needed to get away from the internet, I hopped on the bus to “Delmar”.

The Delmar loop- “One of the Ten Great Street in America”, is a friendly neighborhood about 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis. There are outdoor coffee shops, gift shops, boutique stores, art galleries…sort of like downtown Sioux Falls, Decatur in Atlanta and Hempden Village in Baltimore.

I spent the evening there, went to an art center and saw kids having ballet classes, ate chips for dinner, went to a record store. Going to such a neighborhoodly place isn’t good for me because it makes me want to stay and have a home.

Delmar Loop:

St. Louis City Garden:

St. Louis Old Courthouse:

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